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Three Chapel Hill Bathroom Remodels

Tired of looking at the outdated bathrooms in your home but not sure where to begin? Start your new year fresh with a time-saving, cost-effective remodel for all of your bathrooms at the same time! If you have ever completed a renovation, you know how difficult the choices can be. Which color for the paint? Which flooring option? Which flooring style? Chrome, brushed nickel, the list goes on…This Chapel Hill bathroom remodeling project involved two hall bathrooms and one master bathroom. The homeowners applied their choices across all three bathrooms! This not only simplified their selection process but also sped up the ordering and the ease of construction. As a result, we completed three bathroom remodels under time and under budget.

In the hall bathrooms, we kept the existing vanity but painted it and changed out the faucets to give it a new look. Next, we replaced the mirrors, toilets, and lighting. We then scraped the popcorn ceilings and painted the walls. We finished off the space by replacing the existing flooring with a luxury vinyl tile. We saved quite a bit of the budget by keeping the shower as it was.

In the master bathroom, we kept the tub in the same spot but enlarged the shower and finished them both off with new porcelain 4″X12″ marble-like tile around the tub, in the shower, and on the shower floor. A new frameless shower enclosure and new brushed nickel finishes add elegance to this beautiful space. Similar to the hall bathrooms, the homeowners chose to keep their existing vanity but had us dress it up with paint and new fixtures. We also added new lighting, scraped the popcorn ceiling, and painted the space.

These Chapel Hill homeowners made choices that created a large impact without blowing their budget. By keeping your existing vanity or shower, it may be possible for you to move forward with that bathroom remodel you’ve been dreaming of! Whether you want to fully renovate or partially remodel your home, contact us today. We look forward to discussing how we can make your dreams come true, perhaps sooner than you think!