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Upgraded Durham Bathroom

Every married couple has their own secrets to success. One thing that makes these homeowners’ marriage successful is not sharing the master bathroom. The wife uses the master and the husband enjoys the solitude of the hall bathroom. Everyone has their space and everyone is happy…except when one of the rooms is in need desperate need of a makeover! Housing Solutions enjoyed restoring harmony to their home by upgrading their bathroom in Durham.

Because it is predominantly the husband’s space, he was the main driver of the design choices. After stripping the wallpaper, we finished the sheetrock and repainted the walls. We removed the old shower surround and installed large grey subway shower tiles with a custom niche. Then, we professionally installed a custom vanity, quartz countertops a new toilet, luxury vinyl flooring, and stainless fixtures and hardware. The homeowner chose to juxtapose the stainless metals with the black metal in the vanity lights. Edison light bulbs give the light fixture a masculine feel while keeping the design light, bright and modern.

This space is now best for use as the husband’s master bathroom and any guests visiting the home. If you or anyone you know is living with an outdated bathroom, contact us today to discuss upgrading the bathroom in your home; we look forward to discussing your project!