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Exercise Room – Creating a Functional Space While Maximizing Storage

Have you considered a home addition in your Hillsborough-area home? It may not be necessary if you have unfinished space.  When these homeowners bought the house, they were given the option of having this particular space finished or unfinished. They elected to keep it unfinished and thought for a while about how they wanted to use it. After hiring us for the job, we transformed the unfinished space into an exercise room with four separate storage areas.

Housing Solutions designed multiple storage options centered around the exercise room. The project involved framing three walls. Then two knee walls were framed for storage closets. There are two small doors leading to this space. We framed the fourth wall to leave the remaining area as unfinished storage. We built steps up into this space, so it appears to be a closet. That way, everything has a nice, finished look to it. Along with all this framing, we updated the ceiling to meet the code for live load. The fourth and final storage space we created is in the ceiling and accessed by a pull-down ladder.

For electrical, Housing Solutions added lighting to all the storage areas, a must when organizing and storing household goods. We installed recessed lighting in the exercise room and electrical outlets throughout. For the custom project, we ran one outlet with a dedicated circuit for the exercise equipment, so it doesn’t overload the system.

The flooring is site-finished 3-1/4″ red oak that perfectly matches the existing floor just outside the room. This finished off the room and made it a functional, beautiful space that features lots of storage. What more could you ask for?!

If you would like to create a home addition or complete an unfinished area to maximize the storage capacity in your Hillsborough-area home, contact us today to create a space you will use and treasure for years.

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