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Whole-House Renovation in Hillsborough

This whole house renovation project on Ridge Lane in Hillsborough was the epitome of a top to bottom redo! From start to finish, it went very smoothly with few surprises. We credit good planning and design choices, as well as our hard-working and talented team to completing the job with beautiful results.

One interesting thing about this home is its history. This home was built in the 1950s and was in desperate need of some updates to the kitchen and baths, as well as the flooring, flow, and storage options throughout. The owner was under the impression the home was built in the 60s but upon further inspection, it was noted that the fireplace and mantle appeared to be much older. This led him to speculate if the house was an old homestead, where the original home may have been torn down, but the fireplace and mantle were left in place. We removed the old cedar siding above the mantle and hung drywall to give it a cleaner look.

Another surprise we did encounter was in the kitchen. After we had installed and ordered the cabinets, the owners wished to change the layout of the kitchen. We were able to repurpose the unused cabinets in the laundry room, which added some quality storage solutions.

Throughout the house, we replaced drywall as needed and scraped all the ceilings. In the process of the renovation, we located a roof leak which led to the replacement of the whole roof. We replaced the shingles and gutters and painted the exterior of the house. We used the same granite in the two bathrooms, the kitchen countertops are a different granite and the laundry room received quartz. These slight variations set each room apart in their own design style but all work well together, giving the home a cohesive feeling. The cabinets throughout the house are all semi-custom cabinets. Some features of the cabinets include glass-front cabinets on each side of the kitchen window, lots of drawers, and easy-reach cabinets on the uppers.

We also replaced all the windows in the house and installed new flooring throughout. We removed all the old paneling, chair rails, and crown molding. We did keep some louver doors that we painted to give them a fresh update.

Another big improvement was to change the floor plan in the laundry. To make it more functional, we removed a small closet and moved the washer and dryer to the back of the room, and installed cabinets closer to the door. This entailed moving the water and electrical for the laundry.

The whole house renovation made it possible for this home to be enjoyed for many more years. If you have an older or newer home that needs some major work, contact us to see how we can help!