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Custom Attic Addition in Chapel Hill

Every time we get asked to expand the square footage of the home, the first place we look is to the attic. Many homes have unfinished spaces in their attics that can increase the living space and the market value of the home. With most of the space already framed, typically we are able to save on the demolition and framing costs normally associated with home additions. This 3rd-floor walk-up attic addition was no exception, though it was not without its customizations!

Many homeowners mistakenly believe they can’t finish off their attic space because of all the duct work. In this home, we designed the entire space around it! First, we reframed the knee wall because originally it was not positioned in a way that would conceal all the ductwork. Next, we framed a mechanical room into the design to conceal the new heat pump and the AC unit. Lastly, we added knee-wall storage rooms and built-in benches with shaker-style trim to conceal the remaining ductwork while providing much-needed space to store items out of site.

Once we had the framing in place, we added insulation and new sheetrock, restained the hardware, and added Phenix carpeting. For ample lighting, we installed sconces over the benches and stairwell, two ceiling fans, and recessed lights throughout. We permitted the entire attic addition so the family can now enjoy a tremendous return on their investment.

The additional value this renovation added to the home far exceeded the cost of the project. If you are beginning to wonder if we can convert your attic into a functional space that can add value to your home, contact us today for a free consultation!