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From Water Woes to Wow: Housing Solutions Transforms a Damaged Home

At Housing Solutions, we recently embarked on a renovation project with a client facing the aftermath of a water leak that wreaked havoc in their residence. The master bathroom, ceiling, master closet, and powder room were all damaged from the leak, leaving half the home in demo-mode for six months. This led to an opportunity for a complete renovation, and we were up for the challenge.

Renovating the Master Bath

The heart of our project was the master bathroom remodel. We brought new life to the space with a complete overhaul – from a stunning his-and-hers vanity with quartz countertops to a luxurious freestanding tub. The outdated plastic shower insert made way for a spacious, tiled haven complete with his-and-her niches. The addition of new lighting elevated the ambiance, turning the master bath into a sanctuary.

Revamping the First Floor

The water damage prompted us to refresh the entire first floor. New floors seamlessly replaced the worn-out ones, and carefully chosen light fixtures illuminated every corner. A fresh coat of paint transformed the space, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Transforming the Formal Dining Room

In a creative twist, we converted the formal dining room into a cozy keeping room. Custom wallpaper now adorns the walls, and an elegant chandelier now graces the space, turning it into a perfect spot for relaxation and gatherings.

Powder Room Makeover

The powder room received a chic makeover with custom wallpaper, a new toilet, and updated fixtures. The small space is now a stylish retreat with modern amenities.

Upgrading Water Lines to Code

During the home renovation, we prioritized the replacement of outdated CPVC water lines, which were not in line with today’s codes. We carried out a careful upgrade, installing Pex water lines. This transition not only meets current codes but also contributes to the long-term stability and functionality of the plumbing system.

Enhancing the Staircase

The stairs were not left untouched. Matching treads were installed to harmonize with the luxury vinyl plank flooring, creating a seamless and sophisticated transition between the first and second floors.

From the chaos of a water leak to the elegance of a renovated home, Housing Solutions turned adversity into an opportunity for transformation. Our team is proud to have brought comfort, style, and modernity to this home. If you’re facing a home renovation challenge, contact Housing Solutions and let us turn it into a success story. Your dream home awaits.